Michael Feeney
Full Name
Michael Feeney
Job Title
Executive Director of Elementary Education
Pinellas County Schools

Mr. Feeney is a former U.S. Navy Veteran, classroom teacher, and school principal. As a lifelong educator, he currently serves as the Executive Director of Elementary Education at Pinellas County Schools where he supports over 4,000 educators, impacting over 40,000 students at 78 elementary schools.  At the height of the pandemic, Mr. Feeney led the effort to transform the district’s elementary curriculum and teaching practices to create more than 5,000 master-teacher online lessons.  

Mr. Feeney is a transformational leader with a history of partnering with the community to dramatically impact student achievement. Under his leadership as principal at two different PCS sites, both schools increased their state grades by two full letter grades. He was selected by the Council for Educational Change as a Gold Medallion Finalist for the Leonard Miller Principal Leadership Award and nominated by district leadership to participate in the Florida State Commissioner’s Brian Dassler Leadership Academy. Mr. Feeney’s impact on the school and the local community earned him recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives.