Dr. Kathryn Kennedy
Full Name
Dr. Kathryn Kennedy
Job Title
Founder & Executive Director
Wellness for Educators & Consult4Ed Group

With one foot in online learning and the other in mental health and wellness, Kathryn has cultivated her two primary passions for 15+ years. On the online learning side, Kathryn serves as principal consultant of Consult4Ed Group. On the mental health and wellness side, Kathryn combined her work in education and wellness to create Wellness for Educators, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit invested in and passionate about creating system-wide wellbeing and mental health and wellness supports for educators. She is author of the forthcoming book The Mind-Body Connection for Educators: Intentional Movement for Wellness (expected publication date: March 28, 2023), which serves as the first in a four-part book series with Jossey-Bass.