President and CEO, C. Blohm & Associates, Inc. 

Since founding CB&A in 1991, Charlene Blohm has partnered with organizations of every stripe to deliver bottom-line value. From early stage Davids to multinational Goliaths, she has a knack for seeing what others often overlook.

Blohm has earned several accolades individually and on behalf of the agency, and she’s a frequent guest speaker on all-things marketing, PR, and sales in the business-to-education (B2E) arena. Her know-how in journalism, public relations, strategy, and content development established strong networks that she continues to cultivate.

Blohm and the CB&A team host the monthly Expert Series of webinars to share B2E knowledge and insights with the education industry at large. In addition, Blohm operates the monthly Ed Industry Chat and is a founding member of the Education Technology Advisory Group. She’s written, contributed to or published more than a dozen books for the edtech market.