Full Name
Jyoti Folch-Berman
Job Title
ADA Coordinator
NYC Department of Education

Jyoti works as an American Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator for the Office of Accessibility Planning under Space Management at NYC Department of Education (DOE). She is responsible for coordinating programs, services and activities necessary to ensure the NYC DOE’s compliance with ADA Title II and other applicable laws for all NYC DOE students. She has worked in various offices across the NYC DOE, including Office of Safety and Youth Development and Office of District Planning where she worked to meet the needs of NYC communities and provide access to high-quality education and programs. Jyoti briefly worked for Special Olympics leading, coordinating and monitoring all community programming training and competition across NYC. Jyoti has over a decade of experience working in public service and is excited to share information about the ways in which her office meets the needs of students with disabilities.

Jyoti Folch-Berman