Full Name
Colleen Warn
Job Title
Director of AT Team

Colleen is a pediatric based physical therapist with 20+ years of clinical experience and has been serving as the Director for the Center for Assistive Technology Team since

2018. Her current expertise is with supporting schools’ efforts to eliminate barriers faced by students in accessing their curriculum and achieving their academic goals. She brings extensive knowledge of and background in the use of assistive technology; quality

IEP development; and identification and implementation of environmental adaptations. In addition, Colleen has experience working with children and young adults, ages 0-21, in other settings including home, medical and outpatient. In these various environments,

Colleen was an integral team member in assisting children and family with initiating, obtaining and implementing assistive technology. Colleen is also a parent to a feisty 9 year-old daughter with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, who uses assistive technology and a dynamic speech generating device (Tobii i12+ EyeGaze with Communicator & Snap, Core First AAC Software) to access her education/communication interactions within her environment. During her spare time, Colleen enjoys traveling with her family, binge watching worthy shows on Netflix, practicing Yoga and, has recently started chasing the Milky Way for astrophotography.

Colleen Warn