Full Name
Denise Trackas
Job Title
K-5 Mathematics Program Coordinator
Washoe County School District

Denise Trakas is currently the K-5 Mathematics Program Coordinator for Washoe County School District (Nevada), specializing in mathematics from birth through age 11.  She is responsible for coordinating all aspects of mathematics instruction, professional learning, and curriculum development for Kindergarten through 5th grade including developing sustainable and scalable professional learning for novice, developing, and experienced teachers and mathematics leaders. Additionally, Ms. Trakas is appointed faculty to the University of Nevada, Reno and has co-authored the book, Instructional Leadership in Mathematics Education. Ms. Trakas just finished a 3 ½ year term as an elected board member of NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education. She is currently the president of the Nevada Mathematics Education Leadership Council (N-MELC).

Twitter Handle
Denise Trackas