The Tech & Learning Leadership Roundtable series is a unique education event that unites CIOs, CTOs, COAs, COOs, and senior education technology industry leaders from around the country to come together to participate in roundtable conversations around relevant edtech and IT topics. New for this year, we've also launched our exclusive online webinar sessions which are set to be a game changer, allowing leaders from education to discuss remotely online the key issues which are impacting the industry. 

Free of charge to K-12 district leaders, Leadership Roundtables is a valuable opportunity for innovators to meet either face-to-face or online to exchange ideas and focus on the most significant issues facing education leaders today. 

Since 1980, Tech & Learning has been the leading digital and print publications in K-12 technology news and trends. For over 20 years, we have been bringing together education innovators to discuss and explore new ways of thinking about how technology is transforming education in our schools. The Leadership Roundtables are the newest event series from Tech & Learning, and will be rolling out across the country in the coming months.