Full Name
Christopher Lloyd
Job Title
Britannica Books
Christopher Lloyd was inspired to write his first book What on Earth Happened? (Bloomsbury 2008) while home-educating his two daughters, and it has now sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide and been translated into 15 languages. In 2010, he founded What on Earth Publishing, along with illustrator Andy Forshaw, and wrote our series of world history timeline Wallbooks, that fold out to tell the stories of history, nature, science, sport and Shakespeare. In 2015, Andy and Christopher teamed up with Sir Robert Worcester (founder of market research company MORI International) and U.S. publisher Nancy Feresten to build the business in the US and overseas. Last year they established a partnership with Britannica Inc to bring a new generation of Britannica non0fiction children's books to market. The launch of Britannica Books took place in October 2020 with the publication of the Britannica All New Kids Encyclopedia; What We Know and What We Don't/ Christopher divides his time between writing, speaking (at schools and literary festivals) and giving lectures on tours all over the world.
Christopher Lloyd