Full Name
Yossi Hayut
Job Title
Head of Wix Education
Wix Education
Yossi Hayut is the Head of Education at Wix.com. In his role, Yossi is responsible formulates and executes Wix’s educational vision – to teach and inspire the next generation to create stunning things with technology, deriving the main goal of having every child learn the skills of the 21st century. Prior to Wix.com, Yossi Founded a civic startup and served as of head of product. Previously, Yossi founded the clinical legal education program that provides pro-bono assistance to Holocaust survivors at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law. He was also an instructor in the Economic Justice clinic, specializing in social business and micro-finance loans for women in poverty, also at Tel Aviv University. Yossi holds an M.A. in public leadership from Tel Aviv University.
Yossi Hayut