Full Name
David Carroca
Job Title
Teacher of Special Education
District 75
David is the Assistive Technology Coordinator for District 75 within the New York City Department of Education, which specializes in providing support for students with significant disabilities. He is a NYS-licensed occupational therapist and special education teacher who specializes in assistive technology. David has worked for the department of education for the past 17 years, including 16 years with the assistive technology team. In addition to coordinating assistive technology services, he also conducts evaluations, training, implementation, and professional development for students, staff and parents/guardians within the NYCDOE community. David is also part of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) team, which serves to work with teachers, school administrators, classroom staff, parents/guardians and students to reduce barriers to instruction. David has provided professional development on the importance of assistive technology and UDL to various non-profits, school organizations and universities.
David Carroca