Full Name
VMamman Mammano)
Job Title
I am proud to have worked in the NYCDOE for over 42 years helping students and their families. I spent the first 12 years of my career teaching students with special needs. In addition to holding a doctorate in school psychology, I hold degrees in special education, psychoeducational disabilities: learning disabilities and reading. Working in a variety of private clinical settings, including 30 years in private practice, has afforded me with a well-developed skill set to further help my students. I am very passionate about identifying students’ learning strengths and learning styes so I can help them become the best versions of themselves. It is my personal philosophy that every child has something wonderful and unique to give to the world. It has been a great privilege to be permitted to have a positive impact on the lives of so many of my students and their families. I am honored that they continue to put their trust in me. One of my greatest achievements is in being part of the first district 20 NEST Team which helped to create the first district 20 NEST Program. I feel fortunate to be trained by NYU and Dorothy Siegal’s team and to be a part of such an innovative and successful program for our ASD students. When I am not working in my field, I spend time rescuing abandoned kittens and finding homes for them. It is also very rewarding.
VMamman Mammano)