Beyond Access Forum attendees must be registered for the Forum and attend in real-time to be eligible for CTLE. On-demand viewers will not receive CTLE credits.


  • When will I get my CTLE credit?
    You will receive a feedback survey from Tech & Learning the day after the event. Finish the feedback survey to see the link to a CTLE/Certificate of Participation form—it’s at the END of the survey. You MUST copy and paste this link into your browser to complete your CTLE credit request.
  • What sessions are CTLE creditable?

    They are the ones marked in the agenda with the words “CTLE eligible”.

  • Who checks what I attended?
    It is your responsibility to keep track of what you attended throughout the day, and to appropriately mark which sessions you participated in. 
  • Do I get CTLE credit for lunch?
    No.  You also are entitled to a duty-free lunch. This is built into the agenda for the day.
  • Do I need to attend the entire day to get credit?
    No, you can get partial credit for attending a part of the day. On the CTLE form, you need to check off which sessions you attended—that’s the sessions you’ll get CTLE credit for in and should receive credit for.
  • Is CTLE credit and Webmaster Accessibility Training Credit the same thing?
    Not Necessarily.  CTLE credit is self-reported–and attested to–by you. The Digital Accessibility team monitors the attendance at the session that counts toward the digital accessibility training requirement.  So you can attend the Forum without attending any digital accessibility sessions (i.e. you can get CTLE credit without getting any credit toward your 3-hour requirement for digital accessibility training.) 


  • Teachers who work with students with disabilities
  • Tech Single Point of Contacts (SPOCs)
  • Borough Instructional Tech Directors
  • Borough Special Education Directors
  • Related Service Providers and Clinicians
  • Website Content Contributors
  • School Webmasters
  • Parent Coordinators
  • Borough / Citywide Office Staff
  • School librarians


A teacher and student
School children in learning setting


  • Network
  • Learn
  • Participate

More details regarding why you should attend can be found on our Why Attend? page

We've made it safer and easier to attend through our new virtual platform, simply register and log in via our portal

Don't forget: CTLE credits can be earned by logging in and attending between 8:15AM – 2:15PM on June 8, 2023.



  • A virtual event is very similar to our live events but enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Watch and browse on your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet. 
  • You don't need to install anything - you just need access to the internet
  • Your log-in details will be sent via email
  • A virtual event offers new ways to create an inclusive classroom
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