We know children thrive through play, but did you know that learning through play is a powerful research-backed strategy to boost student engagement in the classroom?

At this virtual Tech & Learning roundtable discussion, experts will share evidence from both research and practice that demonstrate the connection between play and learning. Attendees will learn about strategies and resources to incorporate purposeful play into their STEAM classrooms to help kids develop cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and creative skills, all using a research-based approach and real classroom examples.

Student playing with LEGO
Student on a laptop with another student holding LEGO


Who should attend? 

This free virtual event is designed for educators, policymakers and industry professionals.
Audience members include K-12 Decision-makers, IT professionals and leaders.


Students creating with LEGO pieces


Why Attend?

By attending the live webinar, you will be able to ask questions to other district leaders, gain actionable insights to help support your community, and expand your network. 


Students creating with LEGO pieces

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