9:30 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)
Addressing Post-COVID-19 Challenges with Professional Development

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Addressing Post-COVID-19 Challenges with Professional Development

COVID-19 and the abrupt shift to distance learning left students behind academically and, just as significant, socially and emotionally. Research shows that students could lose up to 12 months of learning by June 2021, bringing new challenges to teachers, administration, and support staff. "The new normal" is that "normal" no longer exists, as needs and requirements for students and teachers are frequently changing. Our education system must adapt to an agile approach to teaching and learning. There is no quick fix, rather a long-term, sustainable solution: professional development. 


During this presentation attendees will learn:

  • Mitigating student learning loss through professional development  
  • How to combat teacher instructional technology skill regression
  • Specific use cases, such as streamlining PD for grade-level remediation or summer enrichment programs
  • How to prepare teachers and staff to effectively address the post-COVID challenges schools face
  • The significant role PD plays in teacher growth and student achievement
Tyce Miller