Full Name
Ashley Owings
Job Title
Executive Director
Odyssey Online Learning
Mrs. Owings has more than 12 years of experience in education. These experiences include serving as a general education teacher, special education teacher, high school principal and school leader.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Early Childhood/Elementary Education from Anderson University, a Master of Arts degree in Education from Southern Wesleyan University, a Master of Education degree in Multi-Categorical Disabilities from Converse College, and certification in Administration from Lamar University.

She has extensive experience working with students who bring an array of complex needs to the school setting. This experience helped prepare her for the ongoing challenges of leading schools with students who have unique areas of need. She has a particular interest in school culture development and enhancement.
Her goal at Odyssey Online Learning is to ensure all staff are engaged as a team to create a family of caring professionals who work to ensure that no student at Odyssey Online Learning is left behind. She is devoted to student success and creating a culture of learning for ALL students, no matter their background or previous level of success. Her passion for creating a school culture of excellence is demonstrated through her positive energy every day. She views school leadership as an opportunity to provide students with experiences that help instill core values to guide students in their definition and development of purpose.
Ashley Owings