Full Name
Cindy Ahl
Job Title
Credit Recovery Facilatator/Grad Squad
Cyber Academy of South Carolina
My name is Cindy Ahl and I have been at CASC since its inception. I was the middle and high school math teacher. Eventually, I became the Lead Teacher for the high school team. In 2018, I was asked to start the Credit Recovery Program for CASC. I took on this program to encourage my students to earn back their credits and get back on track to graduate. Each year I have had about 98% of students earn back their credits and let them know with hard work they can graduate. In 2019 we started the Grad Squad. This is wrap-around support for our seniors. This includes holding individual and group sessions to help our failing students, calling our seniors to give them some encouraging words or sending kind words on a postcard. Our goal is to make everyone of seniors successful.
Cindy Ahl