Tech & Learning will recognize exceptional district administrators in select regions around the country who are leading innovation in their schools. We’re seeking district leaders who are reimagining and reinventing education by developing and launching unique and forward-thinking programs, policies, and best practices that have shown to have a positive impact and are also replicable at other districts. 

Nominations can be made for yourself or another individual in any of the below categories. You can nominate in as many categories as appropriate, just be sure to fill in the form for each new nomination. Each nomination requires up to 200 words that details the achievements outlined in the below criteria. You can also upload supporting information.

There are 11 categories for you to nominate yourself or another district leader in.

1. Best Implementation of Data Privacy
Provide examples of how your district or your nominee’s district has taken a proactive approach to ensuring student and district data remains private and secure. Explain why this approach is an exceptional model of data privacy. 

2. Most Innovative Learning Spaces
Provide examples of how your district or your nominee’s district has rethought “learning spaces” to create engaging environments that maximize student engagement. Include details of the infrastructure and technology that support these new learning spaces. Explain why this approach is an exceptional model of providing engaging learning spaces. 

3. Best Example of Teacher & Student Wellbeing Programs
How has your district or your nominee’s district supported the wellbeing of your students, teachers, and families? Explain why this approach to the wellbeing of your community is exceptionable and sustainable. 

4. Best Example of Professional Development
Provide examples of how your district or your nominee’s district has created and sustained meaningful professional development to support continuous innovation.

5. Best Example of Providing Equity & Access
Provide examples of how your district or your nominee’s district has worked creatively to use the broad range of available technologies to support the entire learning community. Explain how this approach was effective in meeting these goals. 

6. Best Overall Implementation of Technology
How does your district or your nominee’s district ensure technology is equitable, accessible, and sustainable? Explain why this overall approach to technology implementation is an exceptional model.  


Exceptional Leaders
Who are the leaders in your district who are breaking down silos, supporting school communities, and driving sustainable, equitable innovation in education? Tell us their stories in your nomination.
We will recognize exceptional leaders in the following categories: 

7. Innovative Technology Director Award

8. Innovative Curriculum Director Award

9. Innovative Chief Academic Officer Award

10. Innovative Chief Technology Officer Award

11. Innovative Superintendent Award

December Innovative Leader Award category
Self nomination
At the Tech & Learning Innovative Leader Summit on December 8, 2023, at the Liberty Science Center outside New York City, we are seeking nominations from school district administrators who will share their visions for what the ideal school district of the future would look like. Nominees will imagine what their future school district might look like if there were no barriers. You have unlimited funds, no politics, no state or federal mandates. The sky's the limit! 

* Innovative Thought Leader Award
List 3-5 attributes of your future school district. For example, what do learning spaces look like in your future school? What technology would be in place in your future school to support higher-order thinking? How would your teacher’s teach differently? How would your student mastery of knowledge be evaluated? How might you measure “seat time” differently? How might you restructure roles in your district to better support collaboration and creativity? We encourage you to be bold!


Please note, each deadline listed below is 1pm, local time, on the day.






Delaware/ Maryland/ Virginia

Submit your nomination by:
February 9,

Event date:
February 23, 2024


Submit your nomination by:

March 1, 2024

Event date:
March 22,

New England

Submit your nomination by:

April 5, 2024

Event date:
May 3,

Denver: National Audience

Submit your nomination by:

May 3, 2024

Event date:
June 22,