Attracting over 1,000 high-level decision makers and key NYC DOE influencers in education, our unique event platform is one of the most engaging ways you can meet this audience, allowing brands to get huge exposure, facetime, and direct leads in a virtual world.



Secure leads

As a partner, you’ll receive all attendee data of those who visited your booth, downloaded any documents or videos as well as data from your session.




Network with vetted high level education decision makers, all eager to learn, find new suppliers and partners.



Save time and build valuable relationships

We're bringing your customers to you, during a time when it's hard to get face to face contact.



On-site virtual sales

Engage in chat during the Forum & Expo, or follow up afterwards with the valuable data you receive



Be seen as a thought leader

Select partnership levels to allow you to participate in panel sessions.



Brand awareness

Here you will be able to gain exposure for your brand through a variety of package and price options, without having to dig deep into your pockets for the usual operational costs.

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Allison Knapp

Allison Knapp